Advise on the 1+1 program at Moore/Norman in OK?!?

  1. Hello All, I recently applied at OCCC For the traditional 2 year RN program but was alternate 20.I was however invited to attend a meeting to consider the 1+1, I know it's 2 semesters at vo tech then after I pass my LPN boards I would transition into the 3rd and fourth semester to complete the traditional RN program.. My questions are these: has anyone else done this? What is it like? Are LPN boards hard? Do we really just transition into the RN program or do we have several things to do first to transition in? Any success stories?Many people I know tell me not to waste my time on the 1+1 and just apply next semester for the next traditional RN program, this was initially my thought as well, but after writing down all the pros and cons its seems that this might actually be a good thing.. Any info / advise? Thank everyone!
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    * ADVICE NOT ADVISE.. Sorry everyone ;-/