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work at Dr. office??

  1. 0 I took the pct course at my local community college. Ive never done anything with it until now. On the 25th I will be taking the cna exam. Im thinking about going back for lpn. Is it strange to really want to work in a Dr. office?? I see everyone talking about the hospital. I think it would be good for me because of schedule and day time hours. I have 3 kids and not much help. How does salary differ in a Dr. office from other places? Does anyone work in a office and how do you like it??
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    I know that you make less in a Doctors office and no it is not weird. You usually work a 9-5 shifts with weekends and holidays off which is good for your kids. Do what is best for you and Good Luck
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    When I do complete my program I have the intension of a doctors office or a clinic. If in long term care I prefer the day shift.

    Wishing you the best!
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    I'm in a doctor's office now as an LPN Pediatrics actually..loving's very fast paced though but it keep it interesting! They days go pretty quickly but can be very tiring by the time 5:30-6 roles around