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  1. 0 I am on my second term in my course and i was just wondering if anybody knows approximately how much the starting pay usually is. Im in new brunswick.
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    Pay is so ranged depending on what type of facility (acute/subacute/skilled/longterm/assisted living). It does *not* go "up" as you may expect on the scale. In Virginia (southeastern), starting pay (and this is a very rough estimate) can range from 14.50-17.50 for long term care, 15.50-17.50 in assisted living (or higher if you become management which is common as an LPN/LVN). in hospitals, pay can be as low as 13-15/hr (although major shift differentials usually increase that). Doctors office generally pay 13-14/hr. Again, this is a range and it's low. I know LPN's making over 25/hr easily. This also, again, is only in my area, which does not pay on the top of the national scale.

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