what types of things do lvn schools look for

  1. I am straight out of high school and signed up for homestead schools lvn programI am going to take the test this week and I found out there is also a sorting out processWhat types of things do they look for in their sorting out process so I have a better chance at getting pickedalso is the entrance exam hard
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    Many nursing schools are looking for people with some type of medical/healthcare backgroundsand experience, high score on the entrance exam, turning in all of your paper work early to show that you really want this (physicals done early, school transcripts, shots, background checks, etc), and etc. I have a few people in my class who were fresh out of high school and or no type of healthcare experience so I am pretty sure you will be fine and also, show that you have a passion for nursing and that youre not only doing this for a paycheck good luck