What is required for your care plans??

  1. Hi everybody! I am working on my last care plan for the first semester and I have found myself wondering what other schools are requiring. From talking to other students in other LPN programs I have found out that some of the other schools in our area do not have as extensive requirements for the care plans as we do. For each one, we must have 5 diagnoses each with 8-15 interventions, a 3 page assessment, a pathophysioloy sheet, a problem list, a lab sheet, and medication cards. To all the other LPN students out there, what are you required to do for your care plans? Thanks!
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  3. by   lpnstudent2013
    For our simple care plans (4 this semester), we just have to have about 5 (less if that is all that is needed for the client) diagnoses with their interventions and evaluation or expected evaluation. We do have two full comprehensive care plans that are much more involved and those require the full workup: Assessments, medication list with everything they are taking (including dose, route, time, side effects, etc), history, and lab reports/values. That is just in the first semester too. I don't know what the next ones will require. It sounds pretty similar to yours.