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Hi everyone, I'm looking for your opinion on this situation that I'm in. I was in a 1-year LPN program two days away from graduation when I made a medication error (wrong med to wrong patient)... Read More

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    As my teacher told me, All nurses make errors at some point. It's just that not everyone owns up to them. You did the right thing admitting the error to protect the patient and it is unfortunate that you were treated harshly and punished for it. I would find a school that truly cares about your success. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    I dont think they should kick you out at all especially since this is your first med error and you did the right thing by owning up to it and taking vs every 15 mins. Nurses make med errors and dont get fired on the first one. The school is just being harsh imo
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    This thread is originally from September 2011 and was recently resurrected. I'm pretty certain the OP has moved on by now.
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    Where were your teacher at the time you're giving wrong meds to the wrong patient? I think your school just cover it's behind treating you like this.I'm so sorry.

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