taking the nclex-pn ! helpppp!!

  1. i just graduated from the LPN program in december, but i keep panicking and keep rescheduling my test date! im the type of person who should take it as soon as possible, but for some reason i freeze up! i dont want to fail! i dont think i have the right materials to study with all i have is exam cram- pn and kaplaun! does anyone have any suggestions on how or what to study? anyone from ks?
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  3. by   virgo_baby!
    I think saunders has a good review book. Its more so content. Thats what i'm using now. I'm finishing school in a few weeks and am terrified about this test. If there are any books you can recommend i would appreciate it and i'll let you know what else i come across
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    Thanks! People In My Class Say Exam Cram Is Really Good So I Bought It, But They Also Say Do As Many Questions As You Can. So Im Like Ok Cool But That Just Isnt Working! I Guess It Gets You Used.To How They Word The Questions And How.to Answer.them