Study tips for lpn student struggling..? Study tips for lpn student struggling..? | allnurses

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Study tips for lpn student struggling..?

  1. 0 Hey all! I was doing pretty well in the high 90s my first few test. Now I'm starting to burn out and can't even study well. It's hard to focus. I failed my first test n it hit me hard.

    Any study tips or words of encouragement greatly appreciated. Plus sharing how you study perhaps.
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    I read, make flash cards and always do the workbooks. Then I reread and have my husband quiz me.

    Good luck!
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    I also do lots of flash cards, do the work books and have my husband quiz me if he's around, otherwise I quiz myself. I also record all lectures and play them in the car during my drive to school or clinicals, or at home while I'm studying. I don't know why it works, but somehow my brain is picking things up that I don't even remember hearing. If you're allowed to record, I'd recommend it!
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    Try a website called quizlet. It allows you to create flashcards and quiz yourself. It helps me alot. Have you tried getting a study group together?
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    Thanks guys. Yea I formed a study group we meet on weekends now. N it helped me a lot, I feel more prepared for my upcoming tests. Love this website! Great support.