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Starting the LPN program this week

  1. 1 I am extremely excited, I will be starting this Thursday or Friday, tomorrow is the 2nd part of orientation. I will be attending Lincoln Tech in Paramus Anyone has attended there before?

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    How exciting best of luck to you. I start my LPN program in October. Wish I started this week as well
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    Congrats! I attend the lincoln tech in edison. Its demanding and exciting! study hard
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    Good luck!!
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    hey Congrats. I am also starting that same program on thursday I believe we're in the same group of students going in not sure if ur A or B though i'm in B but either way best of luck. Its exciting and I cant wait to see what lies ahead. Orientation was kind of intimidating but I think i'm ready to attack it head on.....
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    Nursing Pride- congratulations to you. Best of luck.
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    Hey! What's your name? And how you think you did on the exam? Lol
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    Good Luck, study hard. I am 8 weeks into the LPN program in pa, and it's really tough! Nothing but study, exams, clinicals, and lectures! 9 months to go, a long 9 months!