1. Has anyone attended here? Any advice or comments? I live close to both TECO and RIDGE so I am torn...TECO sounds great but I would love info on RIDGE!!! Thanks:-)
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  3. by   ellpin
    Its run very particularly. The grading is incredibly subjective. The dress code is extremely specific- You can only buy your uniforms from a particular source, and your tags in your pants will be checked to verify that. You have to wear specific socks.Underwear are peeked at during the tag check, no thongs, granny panties preffered. T shirts must be white if you are white, and black if you are black. (under your uniform. Hair ties/barrettes/headbands must be your hair color. Hair must always be worn up in a smooth bun if past collar. Absence for any reason (slacking, sickness, death in the family) gives you at least 6 hours of homework. 3 tardy, or leave early is same as absence. Everything is done very precisely. The educational material is very complete. I have endeavored to add very little opinion here, and stick to the facts.
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    Do you know how it may compare to the other LPN schools such as TECO or Orlando Tech? Those that go here employed quickly? Thanks for your input...your opinion would be much appreciated as well...private message me if necessary:-)