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Ready to give up

  1. 0 I started an LPN program in September and already wanna quit I am just not getting the grades I desire for example I received a 72% on my a&p test but need a 76% to pass I am so sad right now!!!
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    Don't give up! I'm sure you want this very badly. Record the lectures and listen to them again later. Study harder than you ever have. Use all different methods. I memorized more bones playing anatomy arcade online last night than I have studying my textbook. Study using all your senses and you can make it! (((Hugs)))
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    During lecture I've learned to go to the page that the teacher is lecturing on and highlight and make notes in the book. It is helpful to study later since I remember better what she was saying about it and then I have the text in front of me to refer to as well.