1. After 6 long stressful weeks of Pharmacology I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! I passed with a B!!!!! God is good . For anyone struggling in nursing school, please know that you CAN do it and don't give up! Stay encouraged
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  3. by   Skips
    Good job! 6 weeks of pharm sounds like a ton of work. We have 2 pharmacology classes in my program, and each is 15 weeks long. Six weeks is just insane.
  4. by   tparker17234
    I wish we had that long for pharm! Insane is not the word.... I averaged maybe 20 hrs of sleep in 5 days. We had dosage calculations separate from pharmacology and two separate HESI exams. Enjoy your 15 weeks and PLS make sure you know the classifications and pay close attention to the adverse side effects! Good luck and if you don't believe in luck God Bless!
  5. by   Skips
    Well thank you! I've taken the first one, and I am going to take the second one in the spring. The first one wasn't too bad. I like learning drugs at clinical better, though. It's much easier to remember what the drug is for and everything when you're actually giving it.
  6. by   tparker17234
    I can imagine it is easier learning in Clinicals. I didn't have that luxury. We're in our mental health rotation now and I absolutely love it