Passed the LVN Boards at 85

  1. I can finally say that I passed the LVN Boards!!!! This is the second time that I have taken the boards!!!! I am so happy, I took my boards on the 7th of September and I found out on the 25th of September. I owe it all to PRAYER and to the Lord Jesus Christ himself and to GOD!!! I prayed and prayed and I studied as hard as I can. I had the best study group from MARIC, and I also had NCSBN as the best study material anyone could ever have!!! I also studied from the saunders and NCLEX made easy. But seriously I owe it all to my faith, GOD AND LORD JESUS CHRIST!! I pray and hope that everyone passes their boards, I know it's the most diffcult time, but with confidence and prayer it can be done, thanks to all that has responded to all my outrageous posts. THANK YOU!!!
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    Congratulations, nurse!!!

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