Passed peds and maternity!

  1. I'm done with peds and maternity. I also passed Hesi. Now its Med Surg 2.

    Thank you GOD I couldn't do this without you Lord.
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  3. by   muni8708
  4. by   Nursebetty2007
    Congrats and goodluck med surg 2 was the hardest class for me almost didn't make it out
  5. by   Coke_LPN2b
    how were the peds and maternity class? I'm still in nutrition but i just want to know what toe expect
  6. by   chandrapn2011
    Maternity and peds were hard..a lot of the girls in my class did very well because they had kids. I don't so I had study is like med surg for little humans.
  7. by   MTmomofsix
    I am looking forward to it (i have six kids lol). We don't have that class until third term. Have to pass med surg first.