Orientation Soon! What to expect? Anyone else have Orientation comming up? Orientation Soon! What to expect? Anyone else have Orientation comming up? | allnurses

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Orientation Soon! What to expect? Anyone else have Orientation comming up?

  1. 0 I just got my Orientation letters today! YAY!!! I am oh so excited! And now I am kind of nervous. I have to bring proof of malpractice insurence (student) my physical and a back round check form. The orientation is July 11 & 12th and I am so psyched!

    Anyone else have orientation soon?

    Or current/past student want to tell me what I should expect?

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    My orientation is August 4...I'm excited to...they didn't mention malpractice insurance How much does that cost you? Have physical and waiting on background check info to come through.
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    student malpractice insurence is $20 dollars/year. much less then I thought so that is a plus! Oh congradulations by the way :redpinkhe
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    Thank you for the info! Not bad at all lol. Congratulations to you to!!!
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    Congrats I am wondering the same thing....I have orientation on the 27th of June!!! I am an alternate so I am REALLY nervous!!! lol
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    At orientation they go over the school policies, you get your books, sylubus, uniforms and supplies. It really is an orientation to the rest of your life as a nursing student...you just might come out feeling overwhelmed, but if you do get your books and sylubus, it is in your best interest to start reading and studying for the first day of class. Once class starts, trying to stay ahead of the game is very difficult so if you are able to start the reading now, you then just have to review what you already read.

    Best of luck to you all on your journey...
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    Which nursing schools is everyone going to ? Anyone going to the LPN program at Shawsheen Tech?
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    Holmes Community College
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    hey Ladies,

    I'm new to this but I got my acceptance letter and starting the program Monday the 27th we had our orientation yesterday....O and I'm in the PN program in Madison Heights Mi.... Congrats to everyone who made it this far
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    Attending NTCC Mount Pleasant, Texas