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    I am from Montgomery Alabama and need some advice on online schools for the ADN or BSN program. I prefer to take my classes online. Has anyone done this successfully and if so what college?

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  3. by   lharris
    I live in Alabama and I am interested in knowing a good reputable for online for the RN program? Has anyone taken one of know of someone who has? Do anyone know about the online programs for Snead State or Wallace in Selma? How is it? What do you recommend?
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Excelsior College offers a distance-based nursing (ASN degree) program that is open to those who are current LPNs, paramedics, respiratory therapists or other allied healthcare workers.

    No nursing program is going to be totally online due to hands-on clinical practicum requirements that are mandated by every state board of nursing.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    One clarification EC is now, as of July 2014, only accepting currently licensed LPNs and currently certified paramedics. RRT and partial completion of RN program are no longer accepted
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    I do know someone who attended Snead. She loved it. She did mention back then about 4 years ago the tests were proctored online where as to now you have to go to class. I myself am getting ready to apply for both of these programs. I prefer Wallace over Snead just bc Ive taken my remaining prereqs there. And want to add the loyalty points.
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