oh Lord, here comes HESI !

  1. so we get a chance to take HESI 3x before graduation. the first attempt is on the 27th of this month. I'm not really worried about passing but if I do Lord knows I'll be elated. this first chance if you don't pass then you will have a chance to learn your weaknesses and strengthen them for the next go round. the 3rd chance is the night before graduation. so I'm pushing for the first test and kicking butt for the 2nd if I don't pass.

    any advice?
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  3. by   TiffanyRoseRN
    Get the Hesi book, the orange and blue book and study from that CD. I recently took that HESI EXIT and passed it first time with a 1081. And that book is the only book I used, my school gives you the saunders green book but I HATE that book. It wasnt very helpful for me. The hesi book has similar questions on the CD. It ask the same type of questions on the hesi. It worked for me. GoodLUCK! Just claim it and pray (if you do that)!