Nursing Care Plan : self- care deficit

  1. So I have to do a self care deficit NCP. My assigned pt is in a vegetative state. Everyone else is doing bathing. I kinda want to do feeding but I need help with interventions. My pt gets fed through a GT tube. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Christine2009
    I would use interventions focused on preventing infection of GT. For example: Keeping area clean, change dressing daily, etc. You might also want to google GT feedings care plan interventions and see what pops up, also you can refer to a care plan book to help with interventions.

    Because your pt is in a vegatative state the risk for infection is at high due to not being able to ambulate. Also, a GT is an open orifice and seseptible (sp) to infection.

  4. by   Qbert
    Place patient in optimal position for feeding (This reduces risk for aspiration, although GT is relatively low risk compared to NGT, still want HOB at least 30 degrees. Additionally this aides in digestion and motility of GI tract)