NLNAC or Non NLNAC accredited school

  1. Are hospitals hiring graduates from only state approved nursing schools? I am getting mixed messages so I would like some clarification. Also has anyone graduated from a non nlnac school and working in a hospital? Thanks
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    NLNAC accreditation is voluntary, not mandatory. And the vast majority of LPN programs are not accredited by the NLNAC. For example, California is home to more than 200 LVN/LPN programs and not a single one is NLNAC-accredited in that entire state.

    It is important that RN programs be accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE, but accreditation is far less consequential when discussing LPN programs.

    There is a difference between approval and accreditation. If your LPN program is not approved to operate by the state board of nursing, you will not be able to sit for NCLEX and obtain a nursing license. In a nutshell, all nursing program in the U.S. need to be approved by a state's BON, but they do not need to be accredited.