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  1. 0 I start class next Monday at American College of Nursing in Concord. Had orientation today and received all 5 HUGE books today. It's an accelerated program so they expect you to read in advance. Average reading is 100 pages a day. Whoa! :-/ Anxious to get it started and get to clinicals. Looks like I'm off to hit the books. Good luck to everyone else starting out as well and I will definitely be posting about my experiences.
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    Oh wow, that sounds so exciting! I can't wait to start my program! As of now, I insanely look forward to the reading and all of the new info! Lol, crazy right?
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    First day was pharmacology which will be spread out through 6 weeks. Now we are going through 2.5 weeks of psychology. A ton of reading and 2 quizzes everyday. It's fun and exciting. For now, lol. Hope everyone else that started is having fun as well! ;-)
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    That does sound fun! Intense but fun. Good luck!

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