Need to Do Assessment Over Again

  1. Well, I have to do my first physical assessment over again. What the instructor did not like was I didn't use the right kind of terminology in saying what I would write down for the doctor. Truth is, what I would write and what I said are two different things.....because I am a writer by nature and I get all tongue tied when someone was looking at me. Oh well, I mostly feel bad for my partner who has to show up to the school on a day she otherwise would not have. After crying a bit on my way home, I reminded myself that even though this is a pass/fail, I did not FAIL, my passing the assessment is only a week away (I hope). The instructor said I did good on a lot of it, she mostly wants me to work on saying things like "skin: warm, pink and dry" rather than "skin looks good". Okay, everybody help me lick my wounds.
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