LPN program in Hudson County Community College

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    Hi! Is there anyone here taking practical nursing/lpn in hccc? I just want to know how is it, im planning to go there this coming fall semester.

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    Hi. I am interested in the same program. What classes have you taken from the program yet, if any ? I know the classes are
    College Composition I
    Mathematics for Health Science
    Human Biology
    Practical Nutrition
    Practical Nursing: fundamentals of Practice
    Practical Nursing: Nursing clients with alterations in basic needs
    Practical Nursing: Maternal child health child health
    Practical Nursing: Nursing clients with complex needs
    Practical Nursing: Role transition
    Intro Psych

    Actually just realized when you posted this...did you join the program yet ? How is the application process ? I wonder if it is competitive to get into. I am trying to use this as a stepping stone to get my Rn and hopefully bsn eventually. I already have a BA but don't think i would get into the accelerated bsn because of my gpa.

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