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    Can someone please tell me what do LPN do and do they make some what of a good salary? And does any body know how long is the course for LP ends

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    I'm new to this too, but I have done a good amount of reading and I have looked at several job postings for LPN's. Pay definitely varies, but in MA I have seen jobs for 18-26 per hour. Could some places pay less, definitely just like some places may pay more. The school that I tested at has a 10 month program, it follows the high school schedule. LPN's can work in hospitals, schools, doctors offices, and old age homes.
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    Lpn's are nurses and does patient care, give out meds, etc. As far as salary, it depends on where you live at, im near Philadelphia and an Lpn make between $22-$32 an hr. If you go full time schooling will be beteeen 9-13 months and part time up to 18 months
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    Is the classes hard??
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    Yes, the classes are hard. There is science, math, anatomy etc. involved. You would have to take entrance exams to get in. If you're willing to put in the time, you can do it!!!

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