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Long Island LPN Program

  1. 0 Hello everyone i am currently looking for any info on LPN schools in the Suffolk County Long Island area.I have looked into boces and it seems like its MON-THURS and being a full time worker with a family that wouldnt work.Any help would be greatly appreciated Thana
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    Does that boces offer a part time program? It will take a little longer but it might work into your full time work schedule.
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    BOCES has a part-time program and they're testing right now. You can find info at Wilson Tech offers career and technical education for high school students and adults.. Good luck
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    Eastern and Suffolk both have PT night programs, although the eastern program goes to FT the 2nd half. I think Western will still take a TEAS V score til the end of June (Adelphi was still giving them for only $60) it's PT at night for 18 months, from 5:45-10 and every other saturday, I know that might not work, they also have a program in the day at boces from 8am-1pm, that might work for your schedule.
    Best of luck.