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    Some classmates keep bringing their kids to class although they dont make to much noise and seem to be good kids, Im just waiting for the day there are 5 kids in class at the same time. My issue iant really with the moms because i give them props for showing up to class but i dont undertand why the school allows it... what should i do??? Is this appropriate?? Or who do i talk to about it.

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    You mean an instructor hasn't said anything?

    This is completely inappropriate. If your instructors haven't put a stop to this behavior, it's time to go over their heads. Who's in charge of your school? Seriously. Nursing class is no place for a child for a plethora of reasons.
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    No they allow it... they even hold the kids and play with them. My school. Is an extension of a college and so thats why i think thwy lets things slip so much
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    I don't understand why the fact that it's an extension of college would make any difference. Children should not be permitted in classes. Period.
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    I think i will take it up with the campus in the am.
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    Wow. At my school children are not allowed even on registration days, although there is always someone who brings theirs.
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    I would definately say something to the administration (especially if the teacher thinks it's no problem) My school doesn't even allow kids to be brought on campus (vocational school). It may stink for the student who may not have child care (I'm assuming this is why they brought the children with them) BUT if it were work they sure wouldn't be bringing their child with them (I hope).
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    I feel like the girls think its cute to bring their kids up there they're 18,19 years old and to immature to even be in nursong school but thats just my opinion
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    Bringing their kids? What kind of a place is this? Lol
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    Pathetic place thats what... campus said they would do something about it

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