Just passed our pre clinical 6 week class!!!!!

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    Hello all! I am currently enrolled in a year long LPN program here in Pa at a local vocational school. We started out the course with a class called PVR ( Practical and Vocational Relationships ) and it was only a 6 week pre clinical course. I went into the final today with a 79 average and needed and 85 on the final and guess what I go....an 85!!! So happy about this because you do need an 80 in all classes when they end or you are dismissed! This was also the last step before clinical, which we started this coming up wednesday. Exciting yet scary at the same time lol. Just wanted to share my success!!

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    Congrats and good luck.
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    Congrats! We have to have a 70 to move on to each course.
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    Congrats!! Stay motivated!

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