Just got accepted to an LPN program!!

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    I just received a call saying I was accepted to their LPN program! I'm going to be attending their school (clarkson college) in Omaha, NE in August!!
    I'm so excited!! Any advice for me?
    Their program is a 2 year part time schedule so its nice cause i can still work!

    I'm so happy!!!!!!

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    Did i mention only 24 people get accepted a year??? I cant believe i'm one of the lucky 24! I feel so blessed!
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    Congrats!! I am waiting to get into an LPN program, hopefully I can have the same news as you....anyways congrats again and work hard get that certificate =)
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    Thank you! Good luck to you as well! If i can get in, anyone can!
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    Congratulations! The best advice I can offer is to stay on your studies and do not get behind. Surround yourself only with those who want this as badly as you do. Choose your study groups widely, if you choose to partake in one. Going part-time sounds great! That's what I would be doing if it were offered for my program, but they only do full-time. It's great you get to still work and have the time for lecture, as well as studying without overloading yourself. Wishing you the best of luck in the program!
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    Congratulations!!!!! I start my LPN program in July so I am excited too and can't wait!
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    Congratulations!!!! And your are blessed...
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    Congrats!!!! I was recentally accepted to my LPN program that starts in September I'm UBER Excited!!! GoodLuck!!
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    Congrats! I just got accepted too!

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