Just finished Level 2!! woohoo

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    Just needed to get that out...finished level 2 with all A's...graduation in 5 months...I just need to stay on path to achieve the goal my heart has waited for!!
    Thanks for listening/letting me gloat :-)
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    Congrats! I finish Level II in the 2nd week of April! Then I'll be done in 3.5 months Woohoo!!! Finish strong!!!
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    I finish May 31st 2013!!!! Cannot wait!!! Just keep on keepin' on!!!!
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    Congratulations I will be finished with Level II April 30th 2013 and will be graduating the 1st week of August 2013. I'm excited and at the same time in disbelief that I'm almost there just a few more months. Sometimes its hard for me to stay focused because I feel like I have to pinch myself!!!

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