is LPN a good career choice?

  1. i will be attending a community college that offers only an LPN course. after this, i wont pursue RN in another school and just work as an LPN full time. is it a good career choice? i heard from a friend that LPNs are not being hired as much as RNs and that places wont even hire LPNs. is this true? also, just curious, what is the base salary? thanks
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Generally, it is better to get an RN license for more job opportunities. Most hospitals are phasing out LPNs, so it would be harder to find a hospital job if that is what you want. LPNs typically find jobs in LTC facilities or in home health and their salary is about $5 to $10 an hour less than that of RNs, depending upon the work setting.
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    also, just curious, what is the base salary?
    The base salary is dependent upon the city and state in which you plan to work. For example, LPNs can earn as little as $14 hourly in some rural Southeastern states due to lower cost of living, but they can earn more than $25 hourly in some Northeastern and Western states due to the higher cost of living.