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IM and ID injections

  1. 0 What volume would you use a TB syringe for a IM injection. I know you would have to change the needle to an IM needle... I just need a baseline to go off of for test out. Going above 0.5 ml will make it easier to contaminate. Just need some suggestions.
    Let's say you use a TB syringe and change the needle to a 23g 1 1/2 in needle, you would put the needle on before you draw up the medication...right?
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    id is nrver longer than 0.1 and yes, change the needle first!!!!
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    Ok- I can't believe I even asked this question!! Test outs make smart nursing students turn into dummies! LOL!
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    I'm curious as to why you would use a TB syringe?

    Anyways, I agree, test outs make smart ones into dumb ones sometimes! I just had one today lol.
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    We all over-think stuff everyday, making the plain complex and the simple hard.