I Passed My Med - Surg 2 Class!!!!

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    I am just sooo happy, I can barely contain myself!!! Had finals today in med surg 2. I was soooo nervous going into the exam. Literally, all I do is study. And it was beginning to feel like the more I studied - the less I knew! Have you ever felt like that? Anyway, I got an A on my final. This has been my most intense, and difficult class yet. I've had many times of self doubt, and have shed many tears. But now, after successfully completing this class, I really feel validated! I do belong in nursing school, and I now that I can do it. For any of you that can identify with feeling like these, know that you can do it too. We are destined to be nurses!!!!!
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    WooHoo!! Congrats! Yes, hard work can pay off in spades!!
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    YAY! I know how hard that is! Good luck, sweetie! You will do it!
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    Congrats you put in the hard work and it def paid of!! Keep going strong and you will be at the finish line soon!!!