I did it nursing grad 2013!!

  1. 5 So excited to be done with school. my Graduation was July 29th 2013 now It's time to get ready for nclex!! That's all I'm just excited and wanted to share!
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    Which did you do Lpn or Rn? What school?
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    Congrats!!! ...and WELCOME!!! !!
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    That's awesome! Good luck on the nclex!
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    LVN I had to start somewhere lol. Next will be RN
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    Oh and at Carrington College Ca
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    omg , what a nice cap ! congrats !!
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    You were so excited you posted July instead of June....congrats and good luck. Go get that RN ASAP. Don't stop. You are in the groove!
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    Lol that's just like me to put July instead of June he he he thanks for the heads up
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    Congrats, you did it!

    Wishing you the best in all you do!
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