help to pay for nclex-pn

  1. has anyone recieved any help with paying for the nclex??????

    any info would be appericated!
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  3. by   DisneyMagicMomma
    It is included in our financial aid package, so we have to save the money to pay for it from our refund. Willyou be receiving a refund?
  4. by   jheath
    My school as well told me to save the money out of the refund for over payment of aid and loans. HOWEVER, another school I looked at included the fee for the test in your tuition so at the end of the year they helped you apply for testing and covered the cost. I have also found a local scholarship that can cover the cost of the testing. IF you really can not afford it call the people in charge of your local Lions Club, Rotary Club, and Local Legion and ask about scholarship, it really can't hurt.