Has anyone heard of the nightengale online LPN program?

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    I wonder if you have to live in the same state as the school. Will they let you do your clinicles rotation at any site?

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    Nope but I just googled it and it's located in Oregon, I wished that they had something like that here where I live at, I love online classes so that I am able to work and not have to worry about finding a babysitter for my kiddies, that is exactly why I plan on doing my rn online once I am done with my lpn schooling.
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    It appears that this program is in Oregon, but you need to complete the clinical rotations at facilities in Oregon that are contracted with the school. It's not a distance education program but a hybrid (onsite/online) program where the didactic (classroom) portion is complete in an online classroom and the clinical portion is completed onsite at local healthcare facilities.

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