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    Hey guys, just checking in! It seems like these 10 months for my program are flying by! We have 15 weeks left and we have already done 25! Capping ceremony has come and gone and the second semester seems to be going by so quick. Unfortunately I was sick this week with a fever so I missed two clinical days and one day of class. However I took the tests I missed today and I am making up one of my clinical days next week! While I was sick I was starting to feel overwhelmed because I felt so "behind". I still have two care plans due next month and I haven't even had a patient for clinical! I have been doing mostly clinics like the OR and I was sick so I am hoping I can start them soon! I don't know about you but I really don't like clinical on the surgical floor, however I LOVE the clinics. I look forward to them! And most of my classmates feel the same way! I really hope to get into a clinic after graduation! Keep it up fellow students, we CAN do this!♥-SM

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    Hi I love scrubs... what is it about clinics that you like??? I went to a clinic the other day for an antibiotic (have not missed anything so far) and he said he's hire me as soon as I finish! Haha! Hey, it's a job offer, right???Glad you're doing so well.

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