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first day... I cried..

  1. 0 So today was my first day in my LPN program. My first class is A&P, we jump right in this morning covering all of chapters 1 & 2 (first test on the first 4 chapters on Friday). I was so overwhelmed by the time class was over and I was in my car that I cried.. I went to the gym to work out my emotions then went to the store about bought a candy bar.. Lol Now it is time to study.. I hope I can find my groove to be successful.. Sorry just wanted to share. Now on to studying. :-)
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    YouTube and quizlet are great resources for studying. Just hang in there I just graduated and started. My first LTC job and I want to cry at the end of every shift nursing school doesn't prepare for for the real deal!
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    Welcome to nursing! I am thinking that being overwhelmed is an emotion that we need to cultivate into something very positive. Your exercise regimen sounds like a good way to channel all that energy! The lpn's at our AL also cried on many shifts, but after a year, one is gone and the two that are still there are smooth as glass now... It all will come together.
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