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  1. 1 I start next week and I'm so excited! I've always been a negative person towards myself and it feels awesome to know that I'm finally doing this. I just got my associates degree and decided to start this program. Anyone else super excited??
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    I'm starting on monday as well and I'm super excited. I finally have stopped making excuses to not get my butt in school!
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    Hi Emily~Congrats on your degree and starting nursing school. I have always been down on myself as well, so I decided to read Joel Osteen's "I Declare". It has 31 days of affirmations to lead a prosperous and fulfilling life. Hopefully it will help me.
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    BTW, I start school later in January and I'm really excited too.
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    I start Monday also. I started reading trusting God day by day with Joyce Meyer as well as the bible app has a series of scriptures on being a confident woman that I start my day with. Best of luck to all.
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    Way to go keep reaching the stars.