1. 0 Does any other school use evolve??? (Lpn) do you find it helpful?
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    Yes we use it. I find the review questions very helpful. I recommend it.
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    Oh, ok thanks. I like it a lot. I just wanted to get other opinions on the site.
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    My school uses evolve and it is very helpful
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    Just used it for the first time tonight and bombed the case studies that were assigned. I've only been in the program for like 6-7 weeks and the nclex style questions had me sweating bullets. Lol

    First fundamentals test on Thursday and now I'm nervous. Yikes!
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    Really?, I just started med surg 1 and I'm having a hard time balancing everything. Its a lot of information especially when it a accelerated program. I just want cry. I'm so overwhelmed its not even funny

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