Entrance Exam

  1. My entrance exam is tomorrow and I am getting really nervous. I really think I can pass it I just always get nervous when I have to take a test of any sort. I have taken the HESI A2 before and passed it first try for an ADN program so I think I will be fine... I am just so darn nervous!
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  3. by   patty89
    How did it go?? What exam did you take, the TEAS? Best of luck...keep us posted.
  4. by   toxic.waste
    I actually had to look it up. They didn't tell us which test it was beforehand. They just told us to study 9th and 10th grade math and science. It was the PSB-PN test. This is the first time I have actually heard of this test.

    I won't find out how I did for another 2 weeks. I think I did pretty well on it but now I am nervous for my results. LOL.
  5. by   patty89
    Glad you are feeling pretty well about the exam keep us posted!
  6. by   stephanie2012
    Hey, that's ok , it's quite common , for your response. Perhaps 90% of people get nervous when facing the exam.

    So relax, try to persuade yourself, and put yourself into a very good state and release your talent.