dreading math for my upcoming lpn course - page 2

Iam dreading math for my upcoming lpn program at mci in va beach va,i am so bad when it comes to math ,i think i will do fine overall but my biggest fear is failing math....does anyone no what kind... Read More

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    That's great. Gives me some confidence to hear that. I think the key is to practice a few math problems everyday so it doesnt leak out of your brain. Lol
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    Thanku all
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    Use this websites it is nursing students it breaks down his to the calculations. www.dosagehelp.com
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    How to do the calculations.
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    It is for nursing students
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    Your math will be dosage calculations it's easier then you think once you know the formula it is really easy you will start with basic math like fractions real easy I just started pharmacology and so far no math we do more math in nur102 I'm at ecpi Lpn program in Newport News va you will do great

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