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Controlling Anxiety and Stress

  1. 0 I am currently in my LPN year (two weeks into second semester) and I am having huge problems with anxiety. I literally feel sick to my stomach when I think about school and clinicals. I constantly fear that I am going to fail. I am not going back for my RN year. Just wondering if you guys had some tips on how to get in control of my anxiety/stress because if something doesn't change soon, I don't think I will even be able to make it through this semester.

    Thanks for any advice/tips in advance!
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    i feel you. i am three weeks into my 2nd quarter and am having the same feelings. the presure i get in my head when i have to take a test is inbearable. i feel like i have a fog and cant remmember anything or dont seem to be absorbing anything. please can someone please give some advise.
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    Life by the inch is a cinch, life by the yard is hard.

    Avoidance make anxiety grow, exposure makes eases anxiety.

    In other words: expose yourself to the stressesful aspects of whatever it causing the anxiety via baby steps.