Clinicals rotation: which unit?

  1. First day 2nd semester. 3 weeks felt like almost too long, almost. Dived right nto IV therapy and surprise, surprise: exam tomorrow. Besides the usual insanity, we got our clinical schedules today! We rotate btw 2 hospitals within at least 4 units. So clearly all 24 students won't see all of them but while comparing mine to my classmates I noticed I'm on Rehab twice. Noone else has two of the same sites either. So unless it's part of my instructor's grand design, what unit/floor should I request? It's btw Recovery, GI Endoscopy, Same day surgery and a pediatric practice. Request meaning in the slightest chance they care, but it never hurts right? I want them to really see how hard I can work and how much I care. Basically, I'd like to carry the A in clinicals first semester on till graduation.
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