Anyone starting Lpn program in April. Anyone starting Lpn program in April. | allnurses

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Anyone starting Lpn program in April.

  1. 0 I start April 1 im excited but nervous. Im 19 years old and ready to get my career and my life started.

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    Thats awesome for you I start April 15th.
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    I start April 8th!
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    I'll be starting April 8th with my new student orientation tomorrow! Good Luck everyone!!!
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    April 22nd, i start nurse aide orderly.
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    Yes, April 24th ;-)
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    Fabulous! Starting in early May myself. Can't wait. Best of luck to you
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    I start April 8
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    Yes I start on April 29th and I have my orientation next Tuesday! I am so excited and nervous!! Good luck to everyone! I know we will do great!
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    I started a lpn program in Ohio on April 1st, & I'm so excited, good luck to everyone
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    I start April 15 and I cant wait!!
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    Im starting monday april 8th!! Im super excited☺😀
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    I start April 17th! WOOHOO!!!