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Accepted in LPN Program!!(:

  1. 0 Found out I was accepted into the nursing program(: any advice on how to prepare? I start in August...
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    congrats, im still waiting to hear back from the ADN program I applied to. Ive read others saying to "enjoy your summer" since it gets hectic once it starts, I feel like thats great advice.

    best of luck to you on this new journey!!
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    Congrats..... Me Too.
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    Study Study Study !!! I have four months left & it's been a roller coaster ! Study groups are a plus also. Don't put off studying till the last minute either but I wish you luck ! And congrats !
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    Good Luck!!
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    Congrats I also got accepted in to lpn-rn progressive track, meaning I have 11 months to finish the LPN program and pass the NCLEX-pn and take the bridge to RN when im done
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    Congrats! I got accepted into a program too but I have no clue when I start. Orientation is this Thursday so I'll find out then 😱 Good luck!
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    Congrats! I just signed up here because I was accepted into an LPN program starting in December. I cannot wait to start I'm so excited
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    Enjoy your summer!! Read all assigned reading and notes ---