Working in a methadone clinic

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    Hello, I am starting a new job next week at a methadone clinic . From what I know we use oral pills. I was wondering if anyone has worked in one beforehand they can give me some tips? Post here or email me at thanks!

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    I never worked in a clinic, but I was trained to dispense methadone in the Philly jail system a while back. It was a major production if the count was wrong, and we even had cameras on the prep area at all times. Had to have the shift commander come to open the med safe with us. I imagine clinics are not nearly as regimented. However, the patients can be quite challenging and needy, but what nurse doesn't love a challenge?? You'll get to know each patient's little idiosyncrasies about how they take their meds--"Good to the last drop, you know!!"
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