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I'm so excited! I interviewed last Thursday with a small detox clinic and got the job offer today!!! I'm so happy!! I've been searching for about 2 months and was getting discouraged & I'm so... Read More

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    Congrats!! So happy for You! I know the feeling- I felt like that too. I just landed a new job too and am in orientation.. I'm excited but super nervous!!!
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    Congratulations! You deserved it... Best wishes and GODbless to you!
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    Congrats.. U will do great
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    Does anyone know how long it would take to be a nurse practitioner...starting out with a LPN degree??!!
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    Thank you so much, everyone!! I gave my notice to both of my part-time jobs (will be so nice to work one full time job with benefits). I have to have documentation of a recent TB test and a fingerprint card to take to orientation with me. I started the TB test yesterday & need to get to the police station this week for the fingerprint card. Between that, my classes, and my final week with my p/t jobs, this will be a busy week!
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    Wow, sounds like you've been working hard! Congrats!
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    Congrats !!!
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    I am an LPN too and just got my first job in LTC like 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I am starting this week. Background check is taking forever to come back cause I have lived in more than one state. Blah!

    but yeah...CONGRATS AGAIN!!