1. 0 So I was an STNA at my facility for two years before I became a nurse a week ago!! I have had two days of training and then yesterday a nurse called off SOOOO i said I will take the cart!! OMG being on your own is ALOT different than training with someone!! I couldnt believe how OVERWHELMED i felt! I got through it but lord have mercy i hope that as time goes on i feel more confident!!
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    You will be great!

    Not speaking from experience since I work in a different environment but I'm sure your confidence will grow as you gain experience. Good luck!
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    Yeah, I felt that way at first also. Having worked overnight shifts with 10-15 patients on vents and feeding tubes, I was overwhelmed at first but I made it through. I felt like if I made it though that, I can make it though anything! Best of luck
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    honestly, it takes about 4 months of full time before you feel like you've got it. it's not an easy job. best of luck, if you want it, you will do it!

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