Nurses...the movie....

  1. It isn't out yet, but the trailer is at this link: What do you think of the trailer? It is interesting and I hope that it encompasses all facets of nursing.
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  3. by   BrandonLPN
    I know I'm going to sound like a negative Nellie..... but it seemed a bit like fluff to me. Of course, trailers are just broad overviews designed to catch attention. Maybe the actual movie will have more substance.

    I agree with the hope that all facets of nursing be explored. I noticed the distinct lack of LTC and eldercare. I guess that's not as interesting as caring for pregnant women or sick babies or young women with breast cancer. Sorry if that sounds bitter, but it's really a shame such a huge portion of nursing gets consistently overlooked. Reflects on how our society values the aged, really.
  4. by   kayak007
    I also think all nurses have something to contribute, and the trailer doesn't capture this either...for example, your nursing assistant, your licensed practical/vocational nurse, your registered nurse, nurse specialist, nurse do we all fit in and contribute, or how so it doesn't and how we are working on it or not working on it so that it does.