no license yet, why?

  1. 0 Hi everyone am writing because i took my nclex pn with a few friends and we all pass, but they all got there license posted on nysbn and mine is still not posted. I am so fraustrated at the moment because i really want to work, i am broke with no money after i spent it all on books and the nclex. What am i to do, i call the nysbn and they said if it is not posted next week i should call because they are still checking my paper works, also i am a immigrant with citizenship, so i dont know, what do you think?
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    I would call and ask if they could give you any idea when it may be posted, and/or if they cannot help if they know who can.
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    Well I just called n the lady said they just processed the paper work so it will be up by Friday. So happy right now.

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