New LVN graduate!!! :) New LVN graduate!!! :) | allnurses

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New LVN graduate!!! :)

  1. 0 Hello my name is G. Antonio Ochoa. I'm live in the Imperial Valley and I have recently graduated Vocational Nursing program from Imperial Valley College in Imperial California. Graduated on December 8th, 2011. I have been on this forum before but decided to join because I find it really useful and fun to surf!!!
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    Congratulations!! Good Luck on the n-clex!!!
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    Thanks to all here!!! I took the NCLEX PN last February 16th, 2012, I did the PVT as soon as I got home and got the good pop-up!!! I received the letter saying I passed on March 29th!!! Received another like a week later saying that my Licensure application will be delayed to to previous traffic convictions I have!!!